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You know, it’s been said that something will happen on the night of Friday the 13th. The energy was exploding at the live bar named Crawfish in Akasaka. If you’re jesting – better be the best Jester as you can be!!!


Screamer! Dancer! and fancy dressers…!! Thanks for the amazing night together!!!!


It was a perfect night that goes very well with one of our new song “SAiKO”!

明日は、軽~ぃノリでアコースティックを阿佐ヶ谷でやるよ!! お昼から深夜まで続くGamuso Festのお祭り騒ぎ!
外はアコースティック、中はガリンガリンのロック☆ どちらを選んでも、楽しいこと間違い無し!! だって東京中の洋楽インディー・ロックが大集結するんだ。嘘だと思うならその耳で、目で、体で体感してみて欲しい。しかも入場無料なんだょ!DON’T MISS THIS CHANCE!!!

Tomorrow, we’ll be at GAMUSO Asagaya for the acoustic stage. From noon till midnight Gamuso Fest will be there for the all music lovers! On the outside stage will be acoustic performers, and inside will be for the louder full set rock music♪ It’s your choice how you enjoy this fantastic moment with the real awesome Tokyo Underground music … and all these live music is for free!! All you have to do is just grab your fav drink and chill the sunday afternoon in anyway you want!!

それじゃ、see you tomorrow ~♪

P.S. SAWAS PHOOLは14:00から外で演奏するよ〜☆


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