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Tomorrow night is club acoustic event at Omotesando Club Velours!!

I had a cake after dinner and rehearsal tonight it was too much for my tummy to digest. (>_<)


はぁ〜 くるしぃょぅ〜
でも明日はカバーソングもやるからたのしみだ☆ 16歳の時に出会った大好きな曲も、19歳の時からヘビロテのあの曲も…始めてステージで歌います。もちろん、アコースティックだから目つぶって聞いてもいいょ♪
I’m still feeling a bit sick but thinking about tomorrow… excitements run through me 🙂 gonna sing my favorite songs that I met when I was 16 and 19, and they still are my favorites <3 this is gonna be the first time I'm gonna sing in front of the audience♪

あー、しかしLastFMのシステムのひどいこと酷いこと。私が歌った歌は他人様のチャートで1位になってますょ。今でもあの頃の曲がねぇ…システム変えない限りもぅ二度と見たくないサイト。ふて寝してやる! 笑
By the way, I really can't stand with the system of the site named, Last FM. The song that I sang few years ago is on the top chart of the wrong person and they can do nothing to tell the truth! Just because of the poor sort logic that they've been using years after years!! I never wanna see that page unless they renovate it's system that can tell the right info to the world.


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