Sawa “Nadia” Kato って…いつから私のミドルネームに?! 笑

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Hey guys~! Thanks for your kind messages conceding my unhealthy condition starting last week. I followed your advices to drink a lot of warm drinks, ginger, honey (oh no, I can lie to you guys. I didn’t take honey but instead i had a good 100% Canadian maple syrup sent form my friend in Montreal), and slept well!!! And today I feel GENKI!! It’s so nice to be healthy!! I can’t stop myself from doing this and that, everything that been kept hold while I was sick!!! Take care guys! Many people in Tokyo are coughing now… and since the temperature are dropping and rising so there still are a lot of chances to catch cold! don’t forget to sleep and eat well at least twice or 3 times a day even if your crazy life push you to stay up late!! (it’s like I’m talking to myself but… I do care about you – my friends – as much as – or even more – than I do to myself). Cause you guys are my energy!!!

Yeah~! 健康ってすばらしい -!!!! どうやら昨日まではまだ本調子じゃなかったみたいで、体が重たくて仕方が無かった。脳みそも咳止め薬のせいか半分眠ったまんま。みたいな。体からの信号は無視しがちな私も、みんなの優しいアドバイスには素直にしたがってたくさんあったかい飲み物を飲んださ。そして生姜!! ジンジャーパワーは凄いね!! タイミングよく生姜のお菓子ももらったので、それも食べたら元気になった!!! 今日は久しぶりに元気だぞっ! 溜まってたヤリタイコトは今日から少しずつ消化しますとも♪ 来週月曜日は渋谷MilkyWayでのライブもあるし~♪♪ お時間ある方、是非遊びにきてね☆

Hey, I guess many of you guys had already checked this link on my Facebook wall, but I’d like to share this cool link I just got few days ago from one of my most favorite DJ, from the FM radio station in Georgia! It’s WUOG 90.5 FM. Yes, that’s right! It’s about the program, Beast From the East (東洋神音)。Sawa “Nadia” Kato was chosen as a pick up artist of the week!!! I actually never had my letter read during the air play in entire life!! And it made me blush while I heard him read my messages I wrote about a year ago. Thanks to our common friend Tom, who introduced me this DJ and his program, one of the crew from this program succeeded in doing the real interview on the night we played at the club in Omotesando, Velours few months ago. And in the below link, you can hear this actual interview which was recorded in the rainy night of Aoyama too!! It’s about…. hm- I guess I’d better not give you any idea before you hearing it. 😉 Enjoy!! And guess what!! We’ll be back in Velours on July 7th again!! (Acoustic set on the night of TANABATA)!!


Interviewer enjoying Korean food at Shibuya 😀

あとね、もうFacebookへの投稿からチェックしてくれている人もたくさんいるみたいなのですが、先日アメリカのジョージア州にあるWUOG 90.5 FMでオンエアされたSawa”Nadia”Kato特集がネットで公開されました! Beast From the East (東洋神音)っていう番組で、約1年前にこの番組のDJを友人が紹介してくれたのでCDと一緒に手紙を入れて送ったの。その時の手紙を今も大事にもっていてくれて、なんと放送で読んでくれていた。ラジオで自分の手紙が読まれることなんて人生初!! なんか聞いてて赤面しました。笑。それからね、数ヶ月前にこの番組スタッフの1人が表参道でやった私たちのライブに来てくれて、インタビューしてくれた内容も放送されました。青山に降る雨の音と共にRecされたこの日のインタビューは全部英語なんだけど、よかったら聞いてみてくださぃ。そして、今日 7/7にまたこの表参道のクラブVeloursでライブをすることが決まったよ!! 久々のアコースティック☆ 七夕の夜だから〜どんなセットリストにしようかな〜♪


●6/18 (Mon) Live @ 渋谷 Milkyway
●Venue: Shibuya Milkyway
●住所:東京都渋谷区宇田川4-7 トウセン宇田川町ビル 3F (3F 4-7 Udagawa Shibuya-ku, Shibuya)
●チケット: ¥1,500+1drink
●●Time Table●●
18:00~18:15① ユカジレッサー
18:25~18:40② 吉崎硝子
18:50~19:05③ 風乱
19:15~19:30④ Memories art Hill
19:40~19:55⑤ ストリームライナー
20:05~20:20⑥ 5th Blood
20:30~20:45⑦ Slingshot Million
20:55~21:10⑧ SAWAS PHOOL
21:20~21:35⑨ スカーフ


  • 06/15/2012, 8:18 AM  返信

    Must listen to interview! And have fun at Milkyway–as always, wish I could attend!

    • 06/15/2012, 12:05 PM

      YES! Dave is right!! This is MUST LISTEN file!!! ( ̄ε ̄〃)b

  • kumi, the Tink
    06/15/2012, 8:30 AM  返信

    I listened to this interview last night!! I thought when was the last time I heard your voice (not singing voice)….??? And I realized how much I miss American English Accent! lol
    So, I will keep waiting for SAWAS PHOOL new record, EP, CD, whatever! Jack and I have to wait until end of this year, right?? haha!! I think you have few new songs I don’t know.
    Anyway, I love ginger!!! どんな締め!?(笑)

    • 06/15/2012, 12:44 PM

      yea~ righty~ そうだね。。。 it’s been a while since I talked with you ne ?
      How was my American Accent? I can’t imagine you speaking Australian accent English, but the way- I don’t know what will come out next!! what’s next?! What’s fun???
      Have you found any fun stuff recently??? I wanna introduce impressive manga drawer from Brazil on my next blog!!! He’s catching each characters soooo righ! (I guess you know whom I’m talking about 😉 ) Anyway, I love Ginger too!! www

  • 07/24/2012, 10:08 AM  返信

    🙂 )

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