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何を書こうかな… SAWAS PHOOL の近状報告?ニュースがいっぱいあるんだよな…。

Where should I start… recent news of SAWAS PHOOL?! There are a lot to write about….
I should have been writing this blog more often… DESCULPE!

まずは、大好きな 😀 ライブ !!!
皆に直接会える!! 目の前で歌える!!! 最高の機会☆

1週目は千葉で2本 !!

Let me start by writing about the chance that I can meet you guys ! And sing in front of you!!!
Yes! LIVE schedule!!! For the next month, we’ll be performing 4 gigs !!!!

1st week, 2 shows in Chiba!
2nd week, 1 in Shibuya!
3rd week, 1 in Tachikawa!

詳細は右のバナーをクリックしてみてね 。

前回同様、ライブ会場ではこのチケットを500円引きで販売するのでライブに来られる人はそちらでゲットしてね★ 準決勝が行われる6/9の東京FMホールで奇跡が起こるって保証はないけど、できるならその奇跡の瞬間を一緒に迎えて欲しいと思う…。敗者復活戦から生き返って、決勝にすすんだら…なんて、すっごいドラマチックじゃない?! 本当にどうなるかはわかんないんだけど、SAWAS PHOOLが応援してくれる人たちにとって、その日会場にい合わせた人にとって、「かっこよかった!」「また見たい!!」って思ってもらえるバンドでいられたら、それがベスト。勝ち負けはその後でもいいとさえ今は思ってる。正直、かっこつけるつもりも、そんな余裕もないんだ。一生懸命やってる人はいっぱいいる。アタリマエのことは当然努力して、最低限のラインに立つ。ROCKって庶民の音楽でしょ。ぶち破りたい現状だったり、重くのしかかる過去だったり、前に進むにはものすごいエネルギーがいる時ってあるよね。そんな時、自分の中に眠ってるエネルギーを沸き起こしてくれるような、くすぶってる想いがもう一度燃え上がるような、そんなバンドでいたい。… て、これは私が欲しいモノなのかもしれない。いつか、自分にとってビートルズがそうであったような、ニルバーナがそうであったように。その曲を聞くと、肩に入ってた力がフッと抜けて、心が軽くなって、潤滑油が流れた後みたいに、今自分が照準を定めてる的にもう一度向かっていける。目標、夢、あこがれ… 無重力みたいに混沌としてる中じゃ、方程式だけじゃ戦えないんだよ。ねぇ?毎日が新しい。喜ぶか喜ばないかは、あなた次第。

And from tomorrow, May 1st, Emergenza’s semi-final live ticket will be on sell on line!
For the further details please check out the e-Plus page by clicking the banner 🙂

Just like last time, we’ll be selling out this Emergenza’s ticket in 500 yen OFF price in each live venues. So, if you had some chance to be there, please get one for yourself with this discount price!! I have no idea if the miracle happens, on June 6th, at Tokyo FM Hall, …or maybe not. Though, IF you could, and IF we could, I’d really hope that you to be the witness of the miraculous moment. Wouldn’t it be fantastic if the band like us that came up from the 2nd chance to go up this tournament and proceeded to the Final stage?! I have no idea what will happen on this band battle contest. The best that I wish now, and the reason that we’re working hard today is simply we want to perform our best and have our audience go back home with positive energy. “Their performance was cool!”, “Wanna see their show again!” are the best compliments for us!! Win or Lose is something that comes afterwards. There must be many situational causes for this Win-Lose game. To tell the truth, we have no intention or speared energy to pretend or think about being “cool”. And we all know that there are many people who’s working very hard toward their goal. As a matter of course, we do our best and keep up this effort to stand on the line where we can reach the next goal. I think ROCK music is something for the ordinary people, working class energy. There are many moments that we need to face in our life. Maybe it’s a tough reality that you want to break though, heavy and sad past that had been disturbing you to move forward. And in such moment, we need a lot of energy to make a next action. Something that can stimulate the energy that is still sleeping somewhere deep inside of you. To let the smothering fire to reignite. Maybe this is something I personally want. Just like the Beatles told me how music can let my burden off and cooled my mind and taught me how to switch my mind into positive mode. Just like Nirvana told me how to enjoy the chaotic mess inside my mind when I was blinded. We can’t keep following the footsteps of our predecessors. Old beaten path is what we can see in our behind. Will you be scared to see the new world that lies ahead of us? Or do you enjoy this adventure of new days every day? It’s all up to you.


ZX West Chibaの7周年を一緒にお祝いさせていただきます!!!
SAWAS PHOOL至上一番東側でやるライブ。
この機会を与えてくれたZX West Chibaの方に心から感謝 (-人-)

Sorry my story mislead to somewhere aside, but we are very much looking forward to perform in Chiba in few day for the first time!!!
●May 3rd (Thu/Holiday)
We’ll be performing together with the former drummer of the Japanese popular band, Wands. And I also heard about the band, ATP whom sold a lot when they were performing in L.A. , will be having stage on the same night! Usually, we were always meeting people form Chiba in the venues in Tokyo, for this time WE ARE COMIGN to your city!!! Yeah!

こどもの日だね。これまた西千葉駅の近く。ショッピングモールの駐車場で青空ライブ♪ お天気だといいな〜☆ アイスクリームとかポップコーンとか?食べながら楽しんでもらえるようなポップな曲を中心にセットリストを考え中★☆★

●May 5th (Sat/Holiday)
It’s a Children’s Day (holiday) in Japan. We’re coming to this shopping mall named, Mihama New Port very close from Nishi Chiba Stn. Hope this day will be a sunny smiling day 🙂 We’re preparing a pop songs that can goes well with popcorns, ice creams and kids smiles 😉

それからね、T-shitがついに準備できました!!! おなじみ、ゼブラTに新色が仲間入りしたよ! バーガンディー(あずき色?) + クリーム色。本物が見てみたいって人はライブ会場に持って行くから、そこで見てみてね。数に限りがあるのでどうぞお早めに!!!

And another news is…. our T-shirt arrived last week!!! Thanks for those who’ve been kept waiting to have another new stock will arrive.Have you checked this new color of our Zebra-T? It’s burgundy + Cream color. If you wish to see the real one please check them out at the venue (we’ll be bringing along.) There are very limited numbers for each colors, so if you wish to have your own Zebra-T, grab one for yourself quickly!!!

Well, well… I guess the blog is becoming really long today. It’s tiresome to read the long one, right? So, I’ll write more about the Live in Tachikawa and new YouTube videos on the next one.

後でまた書くね。Have a nice Golden Week!!! Ciao!!!


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    Have a nice day!!

    • 05/01/2012, 2:37 AM

      Have fun tomorrow~♪♪♪

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    • 05/01/2012, 2:39 AM

      それはよかった 😀 ( nice タイミング!!! ) 一部の方々には随分お待たせしてしまったので(金欠バンドなんで…(-_-;), (汗))…大変申し訳なく思っているわけですが、お待ち下さったことに大感謝している次第でございます!!!

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    • 05/01/2012, 2:42 AM

      WANDSファンにはわかるのかな? 邦楽をあまりたしなんだ経験がなくて…申し訳ないのですが、詳しくは分からんです ……^^;

  • moonhawk81
    05/01/2012, 9:21 AM  返信

    Y’all are gonna be great! I really wish I could attend, but I already know you’ll do well. Have fun, offer the love you feel for your music to your audience, and enjoy the love they return to you. You’ve earned this moment, and I’m so very happy for you! –Dave

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