Ready for the semi-final?! YES!!! 復活しました!!

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こないだの週末は、心に残る日だったよ!!!  (>w<、)/
みんな、みんな、本当にありがとう!!!!! おかげさまで、2位で敗者復活戦から(文字どおり?)復活することができました!!!

Hi everyone ! Thank you very much for coming out last Saturday! Sending messages to us and me!!
Thank you thank you thank you—-!!
We’ve got 2nd prize and now we’re moving forward for the semi-final stage!!!
The details will be told after tonight’s meeting.  😉



日曜は吉祥寺に花見に行ったさ。正直、花見の時期にちゃんと公園とかに花見に行くのは今回が初めてで(だって、ニュースとかで見ると人おおすぎて怖いんだもん。笑) ドキドキしながら行ったら、噂どおりの人の数!! ( ̄□ ̄;) 友達探して、池一周したころにはもぅクタクタ&存分に人を見ました www。もうちょっとでスタート地点というところで、やっと発見!! 目印だといわれていたAmerican Flag! そして、昨年の犬猫チャリティーコンサートでお世話になったKatrinaさんと久々に会った☆ = GOOOOAL!!

Last Sunday, I went out for a little walk and in search of finding my friends smiles. Actually, I always avoid to go park during the Hanami season, because … as long as I hear about HANAMI from TV news or my friends story… so I was kinda scared a bit and when I reached to the park’s entrance, there I saw the sinery ‘ve been imagining. The park seems to be packed by the crowds of people – mostly drunk. lolol

お酒が飲めないから、体あったまらないし… やっぱ花見は「歩き見」が私にはベストみたい。(。・w・)。

Since the weather was still not warm enough for the non-alchool drinker, walking around and watching cherryblossmos and the crazy people was good enough for me to enjoy. And I could meet my friend after a 1 round of walk of the big pond in the middle of the park.


Hope not so much SAKURA will be gone after today’s rain. Because I love walking beneath the SAKURA, especially when it petals starts to fall like a shower of pink rain. 😉


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    Sounds beautiful! (And drunks are fun to watch just as long as you can’t smell them. . .)

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