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Sorry for being absent and quiet for last few days. I caught cold and was fighting in sick bed since last Saturday. I start feeling better today’s afternoon, and I’m happy now that I could get ready for tomorrow’s show!!

ここ何日か静かにしとりまして、色々お返事やら何やら放ったらかしになつとって、ごめんなさぃね。人生初の胃腸風邪を経験しておりました。前夜に映画「アバター」を観て、翌朝余りのキモチ悪さに目が覚めたので余りにもリアル過ぎる映像に感化され過ぎたのかと最初は思いましたが、どうやら違ったみたいで…笑 その後、順調に熱と戦って、何とか明日のライブにはこの体間に合いそうです☆

Live at Shinjuku Marz!
We’ll start performing from 20:20!!
Don’t miss this chance to get Emergenza ticket with 500 discount! It’s only at the venue!!!

SAWAS PHOOL の出番は20:20から‼
Emergenza敗者復活戦のチケット500引きはライブ会場でだけだからね‼! Don’t miss it!!!

By the way I found something good written on Nikkei News Paper.




Unfortunately, no matter how hard you try and devote yourself to one thing, there are sometimes you can not reach to your ideal goal.

What’s more important than achieving your first aimed goal is, your challenge to do your best that you could and done everything what you could before giving up. Even if you failed as a result, there will be nothing to regret when you’ve already done all what you could. More over, if that was the result of you today’s best, there must be something to learn from there. On the contrary, when you get the unwanted result after lazy works, all you get is regret toward yours self thinking… I could do more of this, and that and, this isn’t my true result!!

作家: 池井戸 潤さん(Jun Ikeido)


When I was a high school student, I got 3rd award in nation for the 2nd time. I wasn’t happy at all because I already had 3rd award before. When I met my teacher who taught me about the Speech after coming back from the stage, Ms.Sicola told me unforgettable phrase,

失敗は成功の母 / You didn’t failed but… Failure is a mother of success.

This article reminded my old days ;P


  • 02/29/2012, 3:00 AM  返信

    Glad to hear you’re feeling better! Please don’t push yourself too hard at the show. And you were disappointed at third place–twice!–in a national competition? Wow. But it’s good to always want to improve. Still, a rather belated congrats on those! Have fun at the show, but be sure to take care of yourself. –Dave

    (By the way, on a related note to what your teacher said, we have a saying over here: “You learn more from failure than from success.”

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