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Yesterday, we had a meeting together with Yuki-san (flue player) and Zizi to select song for the party to celebrate the graduation of the elementary school and kindergarden kids.


We thought seriously, “What kind of songs does kids listen these days?”
… we tried very hard to remeber our childhood thinking, maybe we can feel the childrens likeness better. So we asked a question to each other;

Q:「小学生の時、何聞いてた (日本語の曲限定でお答えください。)?」
“What were you listening when you were elementary school kid. (Japanese pop songs only.)”

A:「ちあきなおみさん」 “Naomi Chiaki”
B:「長淵剛さん、中島みゆきさん」 “Tsuyoshi Nagabuchi, and Miyuki Nakajima”
C:「名前忘れちゃったけど、かっこいい洋楽のオトナっぽいやつ」 “I forgot her name…. though’ i only listened to the music that came from outside of Japan.”

Can you guess which answer is who’s?!


Anyway, none of us were listening to the songs from J-hit chart, and it was very dificult meeting.
Few hours later, we came up with several songs and then Yuki-san took out something very interesting from her bag.

口を半開けにして、どっから息をだしているんだかよくわからない状態で(笑)吹くとオカリナみたいな音がする!!ヽ(*’0’*)ツ 口の中の空洞?をモゴモゴしてきも~ち動かしてみると音程が生まれる!! そして、これは三茶のガチャガチャでゲットしたモノらしぃ!!!!! 三茶にいったら、絶対にこのガチャを探すべしッ♪♪♪

It was a nose flute! She let us try !!! (how nice of her 😉 ) It was terribly hard to make the right sound come out at the beginning but soon I got the tips!! I thought its sound is similar to ocarina. And she also told me that this instrument was sold near Sangenjaya Stn. Can you belive this fun toy is sold only by 300 JPY by the capsule-toy vending machine?! I’m definitely getting one when I had a chance to go Sangenjaya!!

((こたえ)) A: Zizi ・ B:Sawa ・ C:Yuki-san


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    naaaw you saw yuki! i miss her <3 i know a song that is popular with kindergarden kids~ まるまるもりもり/maru maru mori mori! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lkUuGjagQG0

    my friends son was over the moon for that song and anytime it would appear on tv he would dance it. apparently they were teaching the kids it at school.

  • 02/02/2012, 3:00 PM  返信


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