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Few days ago, I happended to find a cat named SAWA on someone’s blog! 🙂
She was a cat found in Nagoya, and was saved her life by a kind volunteer worker.

I couldn’t resist from writing to this kind person just because this cat had same name as mine, I wrote to this someone.
ただ名前が一緒だ って、ただそれだけなんだけど、なんとなくメッセージを送ってみたくて仕方がなくなって、その親切な誰かさんにメールを送りました。

And then this kind person wrote me back! She was wroking and saving lives of abandoned pets in Nagoya and told me that Nagoya city (Coinsidentally, the cat SAWA happened to be living in my home town!!) is being one of the worst area with the high number of abandoned pets. To those who know about some spots in Nagoya… have you been to Meijo Park? There are over 500 cats in that park!!!

She and CAT SAWA was also working on collecting signature to cahnge current Japanese LAW that concerns with animals. Hey guys, singer SAWA needs your help to collect more signatures in Tokyo. Would you please be the one to write down your name and save the poor pets? I’ll be bringing this signature paper on Feb 10th to the live house, Shinjuku Marz!! And hopefully bring our new tunes too !! ;D
このネコのSAWAちゃんと、保護してくださっている方も動物愛護管理法改正を嘆願する署名活動を名古屋でされているとのこと。歌うSAWAは東京で集めているよ~!(笑)) 次のライブ、新宿Marzにもこの署名用紙は持っていくので、よかったら是非署名のご協力をお願い致します!!

BTW, another miracle happened. lol
One of my friend sent me a post like this yesterday.

ついでにね、もう一つ… ”ネコSAWA” に関係する偶然が!

Maybe the name SAWA goes quite well for the cat’s name 😉 lololol

●Link:Cat Paw Club


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      忙しそうなネコちゃんだね!ヽ( ´¬`)ノ あ”-、ネコと遊びたいっ”!www

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    4月だと終わってしまっているなぁ… (-_-;
    あっ! そうぃえば、ネットでPDFがDL出来た気がするよ!! 後で調べてみます☆

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