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Hey, have you checked this out yet?!
It’s a new album from the newest K-On Movie!!

映画けいおん!劇中歌 「放課後ティータイム in Movie」 PCCG01128(初回限定盤)


“I can’t tell enough with my poor expression with words, but there were a lot of drama in this CD. Please hear it with your own ears.” is a message from Nadia 😉

でも本当に寝てても座っていても痛いのです。 (;_;)
I really must stop complaining about my backache like this since last week!!
More live schedules are being set!!
And it really hurts even though I’m standing up straigh, or laying down on the bed.

The otherday, one of my friend who broke his hand told me some cool idea! He said, “I’ve got a cute new pet (pointing at his fingure) and I need to take a good care of it.”

(*^-ェ-),ムー But hey, how can I imagine my poor aching back as a cute new pet… ?


  • 01/25/2012, 2:37 PM  返信

    I went to SIMPLE PLAN’s live at Yokohama bay hall on last Saturday!!
    That was really really really nice show!!!!
    I shouted a lot with their fan there!!!

    • 01/26/2012, 12:56 PM

      thanks – 腰はボチボチでございます。。。 早く治そうと努力はしております ^^;
      ライブで騒ぐのは楽しいよね~♪ Simple Planは1回しか見たことないけど…超楽しかった。(大学生の頃、何曲かカバーしたことがあて、その曲が演奏された時はもう最高っ!www) Sanroppaさんもピアノで弾かれてましたよね、I’m just a kid~♪ 😉

  • 01/25/2012, 2:53 PM  返信

    Hate to hear that your back’s bothering you. Do you need some more chamomile tea? And can we purchase new K-ON! movie or soundtrack yet? I’d love to hear what Nadia’s been up to. . .Dave

    • 01/26/2012, 1:02 PM

      Sorry to bother you with my bad aching back 😥 I don’t know when they’re gonna distribute this album and new K-ON movie in the states but I’m sure they will!!! BTW, how did you know I’m drinking chamomile tea every night these days!! and black flavored tea for the morning or afternoon with chocolate. And they are actually helping me stay far from coffee – ‘ve been adicted to cafein for years!! less coffee more tea!! (but I’m still having some left) 😉 thanks -x

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