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先週、私、風邪ひいてました…ξξ (+_+ 😉

Boston Bastard Brigade というアメリカ(ボストン)からSAWAS PHOOLのインタビューが公開されました!
ほとんど英語ですが…(汗)SAWAS PHOOLの前身バンドSAWAの話から、今のメンバーが決まるまで…そして、これからの活動予定。孤島に置き去りにされたらもっていきたいアルバムBEST3!?などなど…(笑)
最新のメンバー全員の生声、聞いてやってください!! そして、ここで質問です。日本語で応えてるメンバーは誰でしょう!(笑) 私もまだ聞いてないの…今夜、家帰ったら聞くのを楽しみにしてるんだ~♪♪♪ 下のリンクから聞きに行ってみてね(・。- )ノ~・゚★,。・:*:・゚☆♪


■ 即インタビューを聞くならココから! → Direct Link to the interview

Hey guys. Hope you’re enjoying this beautiful autumn(or spring in Australia and some other southern hemisphere area??) season. Since the temperature dropped suddenly beginning of this month, there were many people having cold, coughing and sneezing… I had one last week too. Sorry I wasn’t able to be connected with you on-line for a while. Although, there were so many things that was happening and much that I want to share now. So here’s the one! The newest news of SAWAS PHOOL!!

We’ve been interviewed by the Podcast radio program, Boston Bastard Brigade (USA).
It was a lot of fun and we really are pleased to have this chance to be picked up artist as one episode in this cool electric magazine!!! We answered most of the question in

English, but there were someone who was answering in Japanese!! Guess who that could be ~~~? lol Please enjoy this interview from the above link!!

Thank you very much for this great opportunity, DJ. KING BABY DUCK!!!


  • 10/15/2011, 2:37 AM  返信

    Great interview! You sound wonderful–I couldn’t tell at all that you’d been sick.

    • 10/16/2011, 2:41 AM

      really! glad to hear so 😀
      thanks for your listening moonhawk81!! ☆

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