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Hi everyone!
Thank you very much for coming out last weekend even in the unstable weather because of Typhoon !! I’m glad they are almost gone now.
It was really gorgeous night together with, Sorcha, Aimee Black, Ryo, and Far from Perfect, and you guys!!!
とてもゴージャスな夜だった、と思う、今、イベントに読んでくれたSorcha,そして一緒に共演させてくれたAimee Black, Ryo, Far from Perfectにも心から感謝!!

Since there were too much fun, I forgot to take a picture of how cozy and neat the bar GariGari was!
That’s the real underground, baby! I just loved it!! lol
今回もいろんな国の人たちがいたね☆ カナダ、アメリカ、オーストラリア、アルゼンチン、そしてもちろん日本人!! … 本当に世界中が友達でいっぱいになって戦争なんか無くなればいいって思う。ジョンレノンは「やってみればかんたんなことさ」って歌ってるけど、そんな単純じゃないことも知ってる。けど…(-_-;)
ネット⇒リアルライフ これも当たり前になった、凄い時代です、と昭和生まれの私は思うのです。(笑
Many people were there, froom Canada, America, Australia, Argentina and Japanese… they were becoming friends from just friend’s friend and I really wished for the world peace like this. IF we were all friends like this, no one wants to fight against the friends country. Well… John Lennon said “it’s easy if you try…”and I know it’s not easy but I hope we can realize it someday during 21st centry. This night was also very special for me because it became a first night to sing infront of my friend I met on MySpace and we’d been taking contact on-line for over years. Isn’t it amazing how things work in this era!! I could never imagine things like this in my childhood!! Meet someone on-line who lives on the other side of world, and become friend and we became a real friend!!!

So here are some snaps from the night.

Thanks for inviting us to perform this night, Sorcha! You Rock!!

It was quite interesting to hear and see the live Koto (traditional Japanese Instrument) for the first time in my life.

*again, sorry I couldn’t take everyones pictures… you know it’s a live party, and during the party it’s easy to get crazy with funs.
Aimee’s performance was very sweet and lovely, and… the Far from Perfect ROCKs even in their acoustic style!!!

I talked about the rubberbands that I also wrote on this blog few days ago.
It really gives me guts to break throught the tough reality and move on! I love you guys!!! Thank you so much for your help and support!!!

Here’s a cool snap of Zizi. Thanks for sharing photos as always, Tink and Osato.
There are more pictures you can find on FB page.
If you have FB account plz go check and see hundreds of photos (How generous!!) all our fans and friends had been sharing. 🙂


We’ll be having a Rock gig on 17th of this month! Don’t miss it to rock out with us!!! cheers***
一緒に騒ぎたい人、ユーアーベリーウェルカム(・。- )ノ~・゚★,。・:*:・゚ -詳細は次回-


  • 09/06/2011, 4:34 PM  返信


    • 09/07/2011, 8:19 AM

      今年の秋は「睡眠の秋」ですかね? バッチリ冬に備えて下さいっ!(^^)v

  • kumi, the Tink
    09/07/2011, 12:33 AM  返信

    ゆー あー べりー うぇるかむ!!!
    I love to take pictures of you guys!!!!

    I think your next gig is gonna be last one for me before I leave.
    It’s so sad… しくしく、しくしく。。。

    • 09/07/2011, 8:20 AM

      fufufu (*’ー’*)♪ I love to be taken picture by you guys too!!
      You know how I used to hate to be taken photos! …?
      Don’t be sad Tink. It’s not like you never coming back 😉 well… it’s true we will miss you so much though….

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