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I was thinking to write about the charity event I went last night, but instead… I decided to write about the tornado that stroke south America.

SAWAの頃(’07)からSAWAS PHOOLになった今日も、ずっと応援し続けてくれているテネシー州に住む

One of our oldest friend since I was singing alone as SAWA (back in ’07), he had been supporting until today had been under its attack.


「my turn (今度は自分の番だ)」そんな「件名」で送られて来たメールには、「家族は無事だったが、息子の通う高校はやられた」と書かれていた。ご家族の命はご無事だったとの事。ほっと胸をなでおろしたのもつかの間、「何かしたいけど何も出来ない」もどかしさを改めて実感… 3.11の後、そんな気持ちで動いたのが、SOUL x ACTION Projectだった。
返事のメールのタイトルは「Re: my turn(今度は私の番だ)」。

Since March 11 (Earthquake and Tsunami disaster happened in Japan), this friend of mine had been worrying about my life, family and friends here. And last week, he and his family was under the terror of natural disaster. Yesterday, he sent me a message with the title, “my turn”, and told me how all his family members were all safe. I felt relieved, but in the next moment I started to feel irritation for not being able to find the way to support him. It was the similar feeling when we started SOULxACTION project in March. We just couldn’re resist ourselves from not doing anything. But this time, it was quite different… things are happening in America. This must be the feeling how people in the other country felt while they watched the News of Tsunami and Earthquake.
Today, all I could do was to write him back and wish the quick recover of normal life for him and his family. And it’s title was “Re: my turn”.


  • kumi
    04/30/2011, 9:59 AM  返信

    I watched the video you posted. The view was just like Tohoku area in Japan.
    I don’t know anything about tornado so I can’t imagine how scary it is.
    All we can do for them right after disaster happened is praying.
    That’s the same as NZ and Japan earthquake.
    Pray for your jester and America.

    • 05/01/2011, 11:38 PM

      I have never seen one in my life either. Yeah, let’s pray. for peace… and better days.

  • David Boone
    04/30/2011, 11:42 PM  返信

    Thanks for keeping people informed, and for the moral support. Some good footage in the video clip, although I can’t imagine standing still long enough to film a tornado!

    • 05/01/2011, 11:41 PM

      We scarcely have tornados in Japan so, it’s quite difficult to imagine how scary it could be. But the this video posted on YouTube gave me some realistic image of it’s scariness. I really hope the peaceful life will be back as quick as possible.

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