チャリティーライブ共演者募集・Performers Wanted!! Charity Live:4.23(SAT)

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I’m thinking about making this 4.23 into a charity event for the Kids, up North.
As many of you guys know, there was a person who killed him self, because he lost hope…  in his/and his familiy’s future.
This should not be chain reacted by those in similar situations. There must be something we can be their help. In the situation where adults are in deep depression, kids are in the even more perplexted condition. Please lend us your helping hand. Let’s do something what we can do!

■Date: 23 Apr (SAT)■Ticket: 1500(+500 drink)
■Place: Cavallino (http://www.live-cavallino.com/) @Saitama ( 5mins walk from JR Kawaguchi Stn)
16:30- Rehearsal
18:00- Open
18:30- 1st Performer…
21:30- All performance finished
23:00- Close

■30 minuts for each bands
■No Normal (It’s not Pay to Play but 1000 to take part)
*There might be a cash back if you could bring more than 5 people.

■場所: Cavallino (http://www.live-cavallino.com/) @埼玉 (JR川口駅から徒歩5分)
16:30- リハ
18:00- オープン
18:30- 1st Performer…
21:30- 全パフォーマンス終了
23:00- 閉店



  • David Boone
    04/01/2011, 2:20 AM  返信

    A beautiful idea! Hope it goes well, with much aid given.

    • 04/11/2011, 11:14 AM

      Thanks for the sharing Aki!!! We’ll have another Charity ( we might have 2 next month) Live !!! There’s not much that we can do but perform, but let’s keep pumpin up our energy through music!! (^ー゚)ノ♪

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