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(写真よりも…)もっともっと沢山の人が来てくれました。 場所もこの一ヶ所だけじゃない。 『気持ちだけなんで…』と、募金.物資だけ置いて去って行くカッコいい人も何人もいた…

I haven’t uploaded all the photo, and I apologize for not being able to take everyone’s picture who donated and shared their energy together with us on the Day 1. It was cold day, but many people came to share this love. There were several other points to gather the supplies. Some people just made a very brief stop and left money or supplies by saying, “Just a little something though…”. How cool!

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『SOUL x ACTION project 』 1日目 fin… Thank you ALL !!!!!

第1日目終了です。 不安もありましたが、予想以上に沢山の人が来て下さいました!!!!! 『何か手伝えることあったら…』といって、快く手伝ってくれた方も、自分だけじゃなく周りに情報を流してくれた方も、本当にありがとうございます!!!!! ここじゃ書ききれない…

As I wrote above this is not the everyone who made donation on 1st day. We could meet so much more people with the kind sharing heart than we were expecting. Several people said, “Please don’t hesitate if there’s something we can be your help.” and start working as a volunteer. Many helped with spreading about this “SOUL x ACTION Project” to their friends and families. Thank you so much… I can’t express my appreciation with my words …. !!!!

(Photo reports from Twitter -Zizi)


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