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In Hiroshima, SOUL x ACTION Project start taking place in the cold rainy day.
At the beginning, it was only Zizi standing & waiting in the park. But little by little, people who heard about this project from friends or heard the radio on-air had came with the supplies and foods in their hands.
Thank you so much for lending us this place, working together as a voluntary staff, telling about this project to your friends face to face or on-line, we could never succeed like this without your help.


The truck will leave Hiroshima tomorrow morning, all piled up with the supplies and move on to Osaka, Nagoya and Tokyo and then to the North East of Japan. In this very limited period of time, we really appreciate the cooperation of every each of you.
On our schedule, these supplies will be reached to the people suffering with cold and hunger in the North East part of Japan on March 22.

more pictures on twitpic -> http://twitpic.com/4b400z

* We’ll put up the English ver. later tonight. Thanks for your patients. Thanks!!!

** Currently we’re looking for the place to gather/pick up the supplies. If you know any good place or you could lend us part of your space until the morning of 22th please contact us!! or write the message below. We’d be really appreciate to your kindness for joining this short term project. Thank you. (- Zizi & Sawa)


  • テリー
    03/20/2011, 8:59 PM  返信

    for now, the list of goods in demand, in English:
    Instant Ramen (cup & package)
    Toilet Paper
    Tissue Paper
    Feminine Hygiene Products (napkins)
    Diapers / Nappies (For adults & babies)
    Powdered Milk
    Clothing (New, or “freshly cleaned” used)
    Drinking Water
    Root Vegetables (potatoes, onions, carrots)
    Gas canisters (for cooking burners)
    Handwarmers (single use: open and they heat up)
    Saran Wrap

    • 03/21/2011, 6:46 PM

      Hello Terri-san! Thank you very much for the translation!! This is Sawa, managing this page from Nagoya.
      Please tell me if there were any part that has wrong grammar or the sentences that doesn’t make sense. I’ll be happy to learn more about the English!
      And thank you very much for the toothbrush info, which I heard from Kumi 🙂

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